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11 Reasons Why You Should Appear in GATE Exam

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or the GATE Exam is a popular exam for admission to post graduate engineering courses, Government of India provides scholarship to GATE qualified candidates. Many engineering students have some confusion regarding whether they should go for MTech through GATE or to go for MBA through CAT Exam. There is a misconception among many students, that MTech is just for becoming Professor in Engineering college. It is actually not like that.

Below are some reasons of why you should appear in Gate Exam.
  1. Higher salaries are offered for MTech/ME candidates comparing to BE/BTech candidates.
  2. More better and reputed companies hire M. Tech students through campus recruitments.
  3. MTech degress provides you specialization in a certain area, and you can go for Phd after that.
  4. Scholarship is provided to GATE qualified students, so you can do your MTech almost free of cost.
  5. You can apply for faculty/ research positions in educational Institutes / R&D centers.
  6. MTech is just 2 year (4 semester) program, so you get more time to work out on other career opportunities as well.
  7. You can have the chance to study in a Nationally reputed institute.
  8. In many colleges/institutes GATE is mandatory qualification even for admission to self financed institutes.
  9. Many industries and foreign universities prefer GATE qualified candidates.
  10. GATE qualified candidates are also eligible for the award of junior Research fellowship in CSIR laboratories.
  11. Many Public service units like IOC, BPCL and Power-grid are now directly recruiting candidates on GATE score basis.


  1. The revision of all the topics in a shorter span of time without leaving any of the important topics. So for that a reviser is required for that. Hence, CTECK-SBS provides GATE reviser which covers the entire syllabus in the form of flowcharts, cycles and tables for quick revision.
  2. Time Management is a key factor in clearing any of the exams .It is taught in an easy manner by CTECK-SBS - MOCK TEST SERIES.
  3. Practice makes a man perfect. So, more the practice of questions, more confidence a person will gain to crack the exam. This practice is made easy by CTECK-SBS Question Bank.
  4. Concepts need to be cleared if, a person has dreamt to crack the exam. These concepts are more cleared, if they are in a visual manner, like through Power Point Presentations and Videos. They are provided in the online learner by CTECK SBS. Even the customized PPTs and Videos are provided according to the demand and requirements of the students for a better compatibility.